Bushido Volume 1 Number 4 April 1980. An International Journal of Japanese Arms.

Bushido Volume 1 Number 4 April 1980

7 x 10", 49 pp., fully illustrated in color and b/w, paper, Honolulu, 1980. (o.p.; sl rubbed spine). Item #35903


  • Interview with John Yumoto
  • Hori Dashi Mono by Robert Benson
  • Uchiko by Robert Benson
  • The Seven Gods of Good Luck by Betty Killam
  • The Battle of Nagashino by Randolph B. Caldwell
  • Tanto of the Quarter
  • Jingasa by Elton Ericson
  • Kawachi No Kami Kunisuke by Robert Benson
  • Guri Bori by Hoa Benson
  • An Interesting Tachi by Bon G. Dale
  • Comments on the Stowe School Yasutsuna TAchi by Clive Sinclaire
  • The Shitahara School by Seri.

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