Here Come The Heavenly Horses. Oi Ling Chiang.

Here Come The Heavenly Horses
Exhibition 12th - 26th August 2008

Oi Ling Fine Chinese Antiques. 10.75 x 9", 119 pp., fully illustrated in color, illustrated boards, Hong Kong, 2008. Item #36178
ISBN: 9789889943271

This exhibition focuses on the horse tradition of ancient China. It covers the period spanning from Neolithic times to just before the Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.). The Song Dynasty is a good cut-off point because during that time all the important horse pastures were lost to the Western Xia Dynasty, leading to the demise of hrose culture at that time.

The weakness of horse culture in the Song Dynasty was reflected in their burial art. The Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, despite having very strong horse policies, lost their enthusiasm for the acquisition of superior horses. The dreams and desires of the leaders of the Tang and pre-Tang Dynasties for great horses were so powerful that the whole nation shared the same vision, expressing it powerfully in art, literature and even in burial art.

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