Zen and the Art of Pottery. Kenneth R. Beittel.

Zen and the Art of Pottery

Weatherhill, Inc. 5.75 x 8.25", 133 pp., 46 b/w illustrations, appendix, bibliography, paper, New York, 1997. (o.p.; sl wear to corners, text near fine). Item #36833
ISBN: 083480221X

Pottery is an art of essentials: earth, water, and fire, guided by the human element of spirit. Zen is also concerned with the basics: the training of the mind and body, the ultimate craftsmanship of the soul. Zen and the Art of Pottery explores the links between pottery and Zen, between art, life and spirit.

This unique book is once a celebration of pottery, the art and its tradition, and a hands-on guide to its methods. The first chapter discuss principles and practice discipline and tradition - the Zen potter's attitude to life and work. Later chapters translate those ideas into practical potting techniques, presenting both beginning and advanced lessons.

In the appendix, pots by the author, his Japanese master, his students and famous modern potters are illustrated and appreciated.

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