Zhongguo Gujianzhu Meishu Bolan (3 Volumes). Wenming Bai.

Zhongguo Gujianzhu Meishu Bolan (3 Volumes)
Artistic Appreciation of Ancient Chinese Construction (3 Volumes)

7.5 x 10.5", 2nd printing, 3 Vols., 746 pp., over 100 color and 1,000 b/w illustrations, text in Chinese, hardboard, Liaoning, 1994. Item #3784

Divided into three volumes, this is an extensive survey of architectural decoration throughout China, covering materials from all types of buidings, including temples, pagodas, palaces, tombs and single structures. It gives a brief outline of each type and illustrates over 1,000 photographs of building elements, i.e. doors, roofs, roof tiles, stone panels, reliefs, wood decorations, openwork designs, and painted works on ceiling and other elements.

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