The Buddha and Dr. Fuhrer: An Archaeological Scandal. Charles Allen.

The Buddha and Dr. Fuhrer: An Archaeological Scandal

Haus Publishing. 5.5 x 8.75", xii, 292 pp., 20 color plates, b/w illustrations and line drawings, map, notes on sources, index, cloth, d.j. London, 2008. Item #38024
ISBN: 9781905791934

In 1898 British landowner William Claxton Peppé excavated a large Buddhist stupa on his estate near India's border with Nepal and found a stone coffer, within which were a number of reliquary vases and a mass of jewels and gold. The opening of the Piprahwa stupa caused a sensation, as it followed the discovery nearby of the birthplace of the Buddha and the legendary city of Kapilavastu, and an inscription on one of the reliquaries declared it to contain ashes of the Buddha, left there by members of his Sakya clan. But almost immediately it became known that German archaeologist Anton Führer, already accused of faking results and making bogus claims, was associated with the dig. Renowned India expert Charles Allen tells the story, weaving in the results of a conference held at Harewood House in June 2006 on the validity of the Piprahwa dig and considering the results of recent carbon dating.

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