The Glory of Batik: The Danar Hadi Collection. Judi Achjadi.

The Glory of Batik: The Danar Hadi Collection

Tuttle. 11 x 12", 336 pp., profusely illustrated in color, bibliography, glossary, index, paper, Jakarta, 2011. Item #39684
ISBN: 9786029869705

The Glory of Batik explores the fabulous collection of Javanese batik brought together over the course of forty years by H. Santosa Doellah. The Danar Hadi Collection amounts to some 10,000 pieces spanning a century and a half, from the mid 19th century to the present day. Possibly the largest single privately owned accumulation of Javanese batik in the world, The Glory of Batik inspires a deep appreciation of this ancient art.

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