Livres and Albums Illustres du Japon: Reunis et Catalogues. Theodore Duret.

Livres and Albums Illustres du Japon: Reunis et Catalogues

Martino Publishing. 6.25 x 9", reprint of 1900 edition, 322 pp., text in French, cloth, Mansfield Centre, 1999. (AS NEW, gilt lettering on spine, text fine). Item #40051
ISBN: 1578982561

The author describes 581 early [before 1900] Japanese books in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Department of Prints. The first book described dates from 1582. There are useful annotations, such as the aforementioned book being the first illustrated book published in Japan. Chapters include a treatment of the history of engraving in Japan, primitive books, and artists such as Moronobou, Massanobou, Tanghe, Haronobou, Kyonaga, Shounsho, Outamaro, Toyokouni, Massayoshi,Hiroshighe, Gakoutei, Hokousai and many others. There is also a chapter on reproductions of the engravings made during the 19th century. Besterman 3019.

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