Apollo: Asian Art November 1999. Apollo.

Apollo: Asian Art November 1999

9.25 x 12", 48 pp. of ads, plus 64 pp., illustrated, most in color, paper, London, 1999. (o.p.; near fine). Item #41059


  • Relaxing in the Ming by Jessica Harrison-Hall
  • George Henry and E.A. Hornel's visit to Japan and Yokohama Shashin: The Influence of Japanese photography by Ayako Ono
  • Sino-Thai ceramics in the Hermitage: Contacts between Thailand and Russia at the end of the nineteenth century by Tatyana B. Arapova and Olga P. Deshpande
  • Exotic renaissance accessories: Japanese, Indian and Sinhalese fans at the courts of Portugal and Spain by Annemarie Jordan
  • A Korean porcelain 'Full-Moon' jar by Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie and the collecting of Oriental ceramics by Jane Portal
  • 'Looking very gay and bright': Burmese textiles in the British Museum by T. Richard Blurton
  • Gilded dragons: Buried treasures from China's Golden Ages by Carol Michaleson
  • The British tempera revival: The Pre-Raphaelites and the link with America by Abbie N. Sprague
  • Exhibition Reviews: Korea: the Old Kingdoms by Beth McKillop.

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