Artibus Asiae Vol. LIV, 1/2

Artibus Asiae. 9 x 12", 193 pp., numerous plates, some in color, b/w diagrams, footnotes, paper, Ascona, 1996. Item #41274


  • Liao: An Architectural Tradition in the Making by Nancy Steinhardt
  • The Portraits of Khubilai Khan and Chubi by Aniger (1245-1306), A Nepali Artists at the Yuan Court by Anning Jing
  • Painting in Central Tibet, ca. 950-1400 by Jane Casey Singer
  • Vaistravana, Dieu des richesses, Dieu des armees, A propos d'un thang-ka du Musee Guimer by Gilles Beguin et Sylvie Colinart
  • Two Nepalese Shrines of the Saha-Period with Eclectic Characteristics by Raimundo O.A. Becker Ritterspach.

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