Item #41286 Looking at Asian Art. Katherine R. Tsiang, Martin J. Powers.

Looking at Asian Art

Art Media Resources, Inc. 7.25 x 10.5", 208 pp., color illustrations, index, authors, pictorial boards, d.j., Chicago, 2012. Item #41286
ISBN: 9781588861139

The essays in this collection examine a broad spectrum of artwork, sharing secrets for "seeing" the arts of Asia as practiced by professional historians of Asian art. Here the novice and the experienced enthusiast can find essays representing a range of regions and media, from Tibetan murals to Japanese prints and Chinese sculpture. Each essay is written for the non-professional as well as scholars in other areas of research who use images, showing the reader how to view these works, what to look for, and how to interpret what one finds. For this reason, even though the volume covers many aspects of Asian art through the centuries, every essay explains how works of art were made so as to become meaningful to the people who created, appreciated, and made use of them. For the authors of this collection of essays, the visual analysis of art serves as a prism through which a scholar may investigate a complex arena of cultural references, signs expectations, ideas and social practices. They draw upon their knowledge of languages, literature, history and religion, as well as a variety of analytical approaches and comparative strategies, to make these works of art live again for today's readers.

  • Introduction by Katherine R. Tsiang and Martin J. Powers
  • Looking At and Understanding Early East Asian Ceramics by Robert Poor
  • Looking at Ornament: The Red Lacquered Coffin from Mawangdui by Martin J. Powers
  • Looking at Chinese Calligraphy: The Anxiety of Anonymity and Calligraphy from the Periphery by Amy McNair
  • Animated Rhythms of The Illustrated Scroll of Major Counselor Ban by Ikumi Kaminishi
  • Japanese Prints: Two Views of Ukiyo-e by Sandy Kita
  • First Lines, Final Scenes: In Text, Handscroll, and Chinese Cinema by Jerome Silbergeld
  • Recontextualizing an Extraordinary Sixth-Century Chinese Bodhisattva by Katherine R. Tsiang
  • Landscape Elements in Early Tibetan Painting by Rob Linrothe
  • Looking for Common Culture in the Pictorial Decor of a Ming Cizhou-type Stoneware Jar by Kathlyn Liscomb.

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