The Buddha Scroll. Thomas Cleary.

The Buddha Scroll

Shambhala. 6,25 x 7.5", unpaged in accordian style format, illustrated in color, boards, Boston, 2002. (o.p.; near fine). Item #41918
ISBN: 1570625131

The Buddha Scroll contains a 36 foot long full color reproduction of an exquisite Qing dynasty (eighteenth century) Chinese Buddhist scroll. Also included is a foldout key to the more than 600 portraits of buddhas, bodhisattvas, arhats, devas, and historical figures.

The scroll reflects the diversity of the Buddhist world in China during the Qing and Sung dynasties: it includes images and symbols from the Ch'an (Zen), Hua-yen, Tian0tai, Pure Land and Tantric schools of Buddhism.

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