Contemplating Rocks. Marcus Flacks.

Contemplating Rocks
Exhibition November 2 - 14, 2012

Privately Printed. 11 x 13", 189 pp., fully illustrated, mostly in color, references, pictorial boards, envelope style folder, New York, 2012. (o.p.; sl bumped on one corner, a tear on folding case, text near fine.). Item #41988
ISBN: 9780956992079

This volume from Chinese antiquities dealer MD Flacks creates a widely accessible gateway that aims to help people overcome any intellectual hurdles, allowing them to fully appreciate such extraordinary objects as these precious scholars' rocks.


  • The Historical Importance of Scholars' Rocks in Chinese Culture by Robert D. Mowry
  • Constant Evolution and Qi
  • Nature, Sculpture, Portal, Icon
  • Types of Rocks
  • Aesthetic Criteria
  • Shapes and Forms
  • Stands
  • Inscriptions
  • Natural or Worked
  • Collectors and Collecting Rocks
  • The Final Ingredient: the Viewer
  • Superlative Horses
  • Rock Tales: Liu Dan: The Artist and the Stone
  • James Lally: Rock of a Scholar
  • Master of the Water Pine and Stone Retreat: An Idler Who Cherishes Stones
  • Nicolas Chow: Potent Objects
  • Brice Marden: Ascent to the Cloud-capped Peak
  • Relative Size.

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