Apollo July 1984. Apollo.

Apollo July 1984

9.25 x 12", 52 pp. of ads. plus 80 pp., paper, London, 1984. (o.p.; vg). Item #42772


  • Editorial: Expanding Horizons: A Tribute to Basil Gray
  • Rarities from the Shanghai Museum by Rene-Yvon Lefebvre d'Argence
  • Visions of the Buddha World: Paintings from Dunhuang by Roderick Whitfield
  • Song Silver and its Connexions with Ceramics by Jessica Rawson
  • The Godman Bequest of Islamic Pottery by Michael Rogers
  • Areas of Controversy in Islamic Painting: Two Recent Publications by B.W. Robinson
  • The Tiles in the Yeni Kaplica Baths at Bursa by John Carswell
  • The Mosque Through European Eyes by Patrick Conner
  • Neo-Classical Sculpture in India by Mildred Archer
  • Gentile Bellini and Constantinople by James Byam Shaw
  • Japonnaiserie for ever: The Goncourts and Japanese Art by Denys Sutton.

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