【Books from Asia】婦好墓玉器Jade from the Tomb of Fu Hao. Guangdong Museum Institute of Archaeology Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guangdong Museum Development Foundation:::中国社会科学院考古研究所、广东省博物馆、广东省博物馆事业发展基金会.

【Books from Asia】婦好墓玉器
Jade from the Tomb of Fu Hao


2016. 8.2 x 11.2", 2.5kg , 379pp., color plates, texts in Chinese, paper cover. Item #45319
ISBN: 9787536261143

This exhibition catalogue is for the 40th anniversary of the excavation of the Fu Hao Tomb where representative masterpieces of Shang culture were unearthed.
Over 750 pieces/groups of Shang Jades are illustrated, with a very detailed essay, which for the first time offers very valuable materials for the study of Shang culture and Jade of Shang. These masterpieces are divided into nine sections to discuss the typology, style, dating, material/craftsmanship and usage of Shang Jade.

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