Item #45927 Patches of Clouds: Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock
Patches of Clouds: Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock

Patches of Clouds: Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock

2020. Item #45927

Published by Paragon Book Gallery in association with Sylph Editions, Patches of Clouds: Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock sets out to be an exhaustive source of information and images for the early 17th century painting known as the Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock, or Ravines and Crags Make a Marvellous View as in previous English publications. This bilingual volume is edited by Marcus Flacks with scholarly essays contributed by Arnold Chang, Dr. Stephen Little, Professors Richard John Lynn and Zhu Liangzhi. Translations are provided by Xu Xiaowen of the University of British Columbia and Chen Zhi’en of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Designed in the UK and printed in Verona, Italy, this meticulous production is indeed an international collaboration that aims to serve a wide-ranging audience.

Commissioned by the late Ming scholar-artist Mi Wanzhong, Wu Bin’s handscroll depicting a Lingbi rock from ten different angles is prized for its originality in conception and refinement in execution. Each view is accompanied by Mi’s elaborate description as if documenting a stunning mountain landscape. Adding to the artistic and historic value of this scroll are the eleven colophons following Wu’s painting inscribed by various literati from the Ming and Qing dynasties, including important figures such as Li Weizhen, Dong Qichang and Chen Jiru.

The Paragon volume begins with Mr. Flacks’ insightful overview highlighting the artistic value of Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock, followed by an account of its recent history being held in an American private collection. This is supplemented by Mr. Chang as he recalls his encounters with this painting in 1989 when it was auctioned in New York. Moreover, all inscriptions on the scroll have been transcribed and translated with annotations by Professor Lynn, who also provides abundant biographical information of each of the colophon authors. Dr. Little and Professor Zhu shed further light on the art historical background and the widespread obsession with fantastic rocks in late Ming literati circles. Enriched by the contemporary artist Liu Dan’s exquisite calligraphy written for the names of the ten views, this book offers a plethora of beautiful images that will surely delight scholars and connoisseurs alike.

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