Item #45929 马蒂斯的马蒂斯Matisse by Matisse. UCCA Center for Contemporary Art:::UCCA尤伦斯当代艺术中心.
马蒂斯的马蒂斯Matisse by Matisse
马蒂斯的马蒂斯Matisse by Matisse
马蒂斯的马蒂斯Matisse by Matisse

Matisse by Matisse


2023. hardcover. Item #45929
ISBN: 9787551445665

UCCA将在“马蒂斯的马蒂斯“展览同期推出同名中英双语出版物。书中收录策展人帕特里斯·德帕尔普(Patrice Deparpe)的长篇文章,详细回顾马蒂斯的创作生涯,另一篇文章由广州美术学院教授蔡涛撰写,介绍了马蒂斯和野兽主义对中国20世纪20年代-40年代的现代绘画运动的影响。整本图录分为11个章节精心编排超过300件展出作品的高清图片。《马蒂斯的马蒂斯》由浙江摄影出版社出版,由著名设计师陆智昌担纲设计。

In conjunction with the exhibition “Matisse by Matisse,” UCCA Center for Contemporary Art has produced a bilingual catalogue documenting this landmark exhibition. Mirroring the structure of the show, the catalogue is divided into 11 sections and includes more than 300 artwork reproductions and archival photographs. The book includes an essay by exhibition curator Patrice Deparpe retracing the artist’s remarkable life and career. Another text by Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Professor Cai Tao explores Matisse and Fauvism’s influence on the modern Chinese art movement from the 1920s to the 1940s. The catalogue Matisse by Matisse is published in collaboration with Zhejiang Photographic Press. Design is provided by Luk Chi-Cheong.

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