A Journey into China's Antiquity Volume 1. National Museum of Chinese History.

A Journey into China's Antiquity Volume 1
Palaeolithic Age - Spring Autumn Period

1997. Hardcover. 8.6 x 11.5", 271 pp., 274 items illustrated in color with details, cloth, d.j., Beijing, 1997.

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ISBN: 7505404768

Compiled and written by experts from the National Museum of Chinese History, Beijing, which houses the most recent and important archaeological artifacts, this series of 4 volumes takes the reader through the development of Chinese culture through its rich collection of artifacts. Well-edited and illustrated with excellent photographs, the series aims to give a faithful and reliable guide to Chinese cultural history. Featuring some of the most spectacular items ever discovered, it tells a story through a well-balanced presentation of excellent text, material and illustrations.

This first volume covers the period from China's earliest ape-man (Homo erectus), Yuanmou Man, who lived 1.7 million years ago to the late Spring and Autumn Period. It details early human settlement in China, especially the Neolithic age, and reveals the first dynastic ages of Xia and Shang, the development of bronze and iron usage, and the turbulance in the Spring and Autumn period that gave rise to the most important Chinese philosophers and military strategist such as Kongzi (Confucius) and Sunzi.

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