Arts of Asia July-August 1988
Volume 18 Number 4

Arts of Asia. 152 pp., fully illustrated, paper, Hong Kong, 1988. Item #6214


  • Prasat Phnom Rung: A Khmer Temple in Thailand by Sarah Hammond
  • Bronzes in the National Museum of Kampuchea by K.M. Srivastava
  • Khmer silver in Animal Shapes by K.I. Matics
  • Buddhist Bronzes From the Nitta Group Collection at the National Palace Museum, Taiwan by John Ang
  • The "Feng" Peacock: An Emblematic Device on Early Chou Bronze Vessels by John F. Moffitt and Peter Voris
  • Tantric Elements in Pre-Hispanic Philippines Gold Art by Laszlo Legeza
  • Book Reviews: Hmong Art Tradition and Change by John Michael Kohler Arts Center, reviewed by Margaret G. Forsythe; American Collectors of Asian Art ed. by Pratapaditya Pal, reviewed by Janice Leoshko.

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