The Peony Pavilion : (Mudan Ting) Tang Xianzu (Softcover). Cyril Birch.

The Peony Pavilion : (Mudan Ting) Tang Xianzu (Softcover)

6 x 9", 343 pp., some b/w illustrations, index, paper, Boston, 1994. Item #6328
ISBN: 0887272061

A classic drama from the late Ming period (16th century), the play recounts the story of Bridal Du who dreams of an idealized lover; but, without hope of ever meeting him, she perishes from unrequited passion. She seems doomed to wander as a ghost, forever seeking her dream-lover, until he at last discovers her self-portrait; he has also dreamt of her and now his lover for her miraculously restores her to life. Besides these memorable lovers, the playwright also populates his drama with hilarious caricatures of military people, illiterate but worldly servants, barbarians, Confucian scholars and examination candidates. This is a reprint with corrections of the 1980 edition.

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