Flowering of a Foreign Faith: New Studies in Chinese Buddhist Art. Janet Baker.

Flowering of a Foreign Faith: New Studies in Chinese Buddhist Art

Marg Publications, 1998. Hardcover. 9.8 x 13", 148 pp., numerous color and b/w illustrations, cloth, d.j., Mumbai, 1998. Item #8224
ISBN: 8185026424

This volume presents new research on topics which centers around the question of how Chinese Buddhist art evolved and what characteristics mark it as distinctly Chinese. Touching upon the Indian roots of Buddhism, the authors focus on the transformations that took place once the belief system entered the Chinese political, social and philosophical sphere. Indian architecture, sculpture, and painting transformed indigenous Chinese art by introducing new subject matter, moral ideals, and a novel aesthetics. However, enough native Chinese principles prevailed to inspire the creation of new sutras and legends that, in turn, inspired artists to create new visual means of appealing to Chinese audiences who needed to reconcile Buddhism with their existing beliefs and moral systems involving Confucianism, Daoism, and the highly stratified imperial power structure.


  • Gaoli's Discovery of a "Miraculous Image": The Evolution of Ashoka Image Stories in Medieval China by Koichi Shinohara
  • Monks among Laymen: Social Activities of the Buddhist Clergy in Medieval China by Judy Chungwa Ho
  • Early Chinese Buddhist Architecture and its Indian origins by Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt
  • Paradise Image in Early Chinese Art by Wu Hung and Ning Qing
  • Foreigners in Early Chinese Buddhist Art: Disciples, Lohans, and Barbarian Rulers by Janet Baker
  • Buddhist Sites of Gansu by Marilyn Martin Rhie
  • The Development of Buddhist Sculpture in Yunnan: Syncretic Art of a Frontier Kingdom by Angela Howard
  • Development of Buddhist Sculpture in Sichuan: The Making of an Indigenous Art by Angela Howard
  • Avalokiteshavara in Sixth-Century China by Denise Leidy.

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