Character and Context in Chinese Calligraphy. Princeton University Art Museum.

Character and Context in Chinese Calligraphy

Art Museum, Princeton University. 7 x 11", 295 pp., over 100 b/w illustrations, paper, Princeton, 1999. Item #9635
ISBN: 0943012295

This volume is a compilation of papers prepared for an international symposium in conjunction with the exhibition The Embodied Image: Chinese Calligraphy from the John B. Elliot Collection".

Essays include:

Calligraphy, The Sacred Text and Test of Culture by Michael Nylan, Bryn Mawr College Calligraphy of Stone Engravings in Northern Wei Loyang by Huiwen Lu, Princeton University
The History and Revival of Northern Wei Stele-Style Calligraphy by Hua Rende, Suzhou University
The Taming of the Shrew: Wang Hsi-chih (303-361) and Calligraphic Gentrification in the Seventh Century by Eugene Y. Wang, Harvard University Seal and Clerical Scripts of the Sung Dynasty by Harold Mok, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wine and Cursive: The Limits of Individualism in Northern Sung China by Peter C. Sturman, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Strange, the New, and the Orthodox: Calligraphy of the Ch'an Monk Chung-feng Ming-pen (1262-1323) by Uta Lauer, University of Heidelberg
Calligraphy as Gift: Wen Cheng-ming's (1470-1559) Calligraphy and the Formation of Soochow Literati Culture by Shih Shou-ch'ien, Academia Sinica.

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