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Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China’s Silk Road

The Mogao grottoes in northwestern China, located near the town of Dunhuang on the fabled Silk Road, constitute one of the world’s most significant sites of Buddhist art. Preserved in some five hundred caves carved into rock cliffs at the edge of the Gobi Desert are one thousand years of exquisite ...
  Silent Poetry: Chinese Paintings from the Collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Chou, Ju Hsi & Chung, Anita

This handsome volume offers a fresh, comprehensive look at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s world-renowned collection of Chinese paintings. With in-depth study of more than 100 selected works and more than 400 color illustrations, Silent Poetry reflects the growth, both in size and in scope, of ...
明四大家特展:仇英 国立故宫博物院
Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty: Qiu Ying

National Palace Museum
  明四大家特展:文征明 国立故宫博物院
Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty: Wen Zhengming

National Palace Museum
明四大家特展:唐寅 国立故宫博物院
Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty: Tang Yin

National Palace Museum
  明四大家特展:沈周 国立故宫博物院
Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty: Shen Zhou

National Palace Museum
欧斋墨缘:故宫藏萧山朱氏碑帖特集 故宫博物院
Ou Zhai moyuan: Gugong cang Xiaoshan Zhushi beitie teji [Ink Serendipity of the Ou Studio: The Rubbing Collection of the Epigraphist Zhu Yi'an]

The Palace Museum
In 1953, the Palace Museum in Beijing received a donation of more than 700 stone rubbings from the personal collection of Zhu Ji'an (1882-1937), who collected these rare books after the fall of Qing Monarchy when many of these imperial collected treasures went into market place. This book ...
  民国早期高层官僚的瓷器 公庆辉
Minguo zaoqi gaoceng guanliao de ciqi [The Upper Bureaucrat Porcelain in Early of the Republic]

Gong Qinghui
This book features a private collection of fifty-two pieces of Hongxian porcelains, fabricated in Jingde Zhen around the time of Hongxian Emperor Yuan Shikai's short reign of China from December 12, 1915 to March 22, 1916. These porcelains include those specialized for Yuan Shikai's ascendance to ...
繁昌窑青白瓷集萃 繁昌县博物馆
Fanchang Yao Qingbai Ci jicui [Celadon Wares from Fanchang Kiln]

Fanchang Xian Bowuguan
Located at nowadays Wuhu, Anhui Province, Fanchang Kiln was the earliest known kiln in China to produce celadon wares. This catalog gathers a variety of celadon wares and sherds excavated at this site, while it also introduces in great detail the functions of each type, including not only ordinary ...
  朱朱白白:北堂旧藏齐白石印集 上海书画出版社
Zhuzhu baibai: Beitang jiu cang Qi Baishi yinji
[Qi Baishi Seals in the Beitang Collection]
Shanghai Shuhua Chubanshe

This volume presents fine Qi Baishi (1864-1957) seals from the Beitang Collection. Famous for his intricate and often unorthodox seal carvings as well as his magnificent works of painting and calligraphy, Qi Baishi’s legacy lives on in his art. Fully illustrated in color with seal imprint ...
自家造稿:北京画院藏齐白石画稿 北京画院
Zijia zaogao: Beijing Huayuan cang Qi Baishi huagao [The Paintings and Sketches of Qi Baishi in the Collection of Beijing Huayuan]

Beijing Huayuan
This set of book includes 2 fascicles, featuring around 400 drawings and sketches of Qi Baishi collected at Beijing Huayuan. Many of these are doodle images that he practiced and later transmitted to his fine paintings. Some are painted by him, others are in his collection. This book offers a rare ...
  九九变法:王兰若 吴洪亮主编
Jiujiu bianfa: Wang Lan Ruo [Ninety-Nine Variations: The Works of Wang Lanruo]

Wu, Hongliang, cp.
Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting, and Seal are greatly venerated in contemporary Chinese society as four aspects of Chinese art tradition. Together with spirits such as longevity and moral uprightness, Wang Lanruo (1911-2015), an artist who had lived 105 years, is celebrated for both his ...
燕下都瓦当 故宫
Yan xiadu wadang [Eaves Tiles From the Lower Capital of the Yan State]

The Palace Museum
This book gathers 175 examples of eave tiles from the Yan State during the Eastern Zhou time (770 BCE-221 BCE). Yan tiles are known for a ubiquitous usage of Taotie pattern (a gluttonous ogre mask) on the design of their eave tiles.
  The Politics of Reclusion: Painting and Power in Momoyama Japan (Softcover)

Brown, Kendall H.
The Chinese themes of the Four Graybeards of Mt. Shang and the Seven Sages of the Bambook Grove figure prominently in the art of Momoyama-period Japan. This volume sets out to reconstruct the possible historical context for the interpretive reception and use of Chinese hermit themes within a ...
The Sun Shines For Us All: The Friendship Dolls From Japan

Kita, Terry et al.
In conjunction with an exhibition at Brauer Museum of Art in Valparaiso University from August to December, 2015, This book includes five essays introducing the culture and history of Japanese Ambassador dolls, which were largely associated with the American peace movement and various diplomatic ...
  西域文化与敦煌艺术 何山
Xiyu wenhua yu Dunhuang yishu [The Culture of Western Regions and the Art of Dunhuang]

He, Shan
Originally trained as an mural painter, Author He Shan spent over 40 years traveling in the Northwestern China and doing research on the art and history of Dunhuang Caves. He introduces the concept of "Western Regions" to include the broad area along the Silk Road. Rather than discussing Dunhuang ...
若冲と蕪村 生誕三百年同い年の天才絵師 伊藤若冲 & 与謝蕪村
Celebrating Two Contemporary Geniuses

Ito, Jakuchu & Yosa, Buson
to Jakuchu and Yosa Buson, two early modern giants of painting in Japan, were born in the same year, 1716. Jakuchu’s family were grocery wholesalers in Nishiki-Koji in Kyoto, but Jakuchu chose to devote himself to painting, working throughout his life to establish his own distinctive style. Buson ...
  兰亭图典 故宫博物院
Lanting Tudian
[Catalog of Special Exhibition on Lanting]
Palace Museum

This is the accompanied catalog of the special exhibition on Lanting culture in the Palace Museum in Beijing, which based on an essay written in running script by Wang Xizhi, a most important calligrapher in Jin Dynasty. This catalog contains calligraphy, paintings and works of art with almost ...

京へのいざない:京都国立博物館所蔵名品120選 京都国立博物館
Kyoto: Splendors of the Ancient Capital
Highlights of the Kyoto National Museum
Kyoto National Museum

This catalog presents a selection of 120 pieces of artworks from the collection of the Kyoto Museum of Art, beginning from Buddhist art, Muromachi ink monochrome painting, Momoyama period screens and albums, and Edo period paintings followed by calligraphy, gilt bronze statues, swords, ...

  Collection Highlights: The Rubin Museum of Art

Rubin Museum of Art

This catalog features 108 works — an auspicious number in Tibetan culture with significance extending into Hinduism and even into popular Western culture—that were chosen by the curatorial team to offer a sense of the geographic, cultural, and chronological breadth of the Museum’s holdings. ...

肉筆浮世絵―美の競艶 シカゴ ウェストンコレクション 永田生慈
Seductive Smiles
Masterpieces of ukiyo-e paintings Weston Collection
Nagata Seiji
Catalog of the exhibition of Weston collection of erotic Ukiyo-e prints in Japan, 2015. Including works by Hishikawa Moronobu, Nishikawa Sukenobu, Kitagawa Utamaro, Utagawa Toyokuni, Katsushika Hokusai and Kawanabe Kyosai, etc.
  故宫经典:故宫绘画图典 故宫博物院
Gugong Jingdian: Gugong Huihua Tudian [Classics of the Forbidden City: Paintings in the Palace Museum Collection]

The Palace Museum

This volume presents 68 magnificent examples of paintings from the collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing, spanning the Eastern Jin period to Qing period.

The Night Banquet: A Chinese Scroll Through Time

Lee, De-Nin D.

The tenth-century Chinese handscroll The Night Banquet of Han Xizai (attributed to tenth-century artist Gu Hongzheng), long famous for its depiction of a decadent party hosted by a government official, is used by De-nin Lee to explore how art objects are created and the many sociopolitical eras ...

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