Item #32025 Chinese Furniture: The Hung Collection (2 Volumes). Robert Hatfield Ellsworth.

Chinese Furniture: The Hung Collection (2 Volumes)

Privately Printed, 10/31/20. TWO VOLUMES, 9.5 x 11 in, 480 pages total, hardcover w/slipcase, 203 pieces illustrated, six color printing, text in English and Chinese. Hong Kong 2005.

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ISBN: 1588860892

Attracted by the form, solid structure, and simple, elegant lines of Chinese furniture, Mimi and Raymond Hung started to form their collection in the mid 1980s. Guided by Robert H. Ellsworth, it now includes some of the best and most interesting forms that became available to collectors between this period until the 1990s, many of which had never before been seen outside China. Ellsworth notes that for the Hungs to have formed a collection of such quality required more than good taste and abundant capital, it demanded also good sense. Volume I, once only available privately, is now being released to the general public in this exquisite set with volume II. Featured are 203 beautifully photographed examples with Ellsworth's observations on each piece.

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