Item #37129 Reinventing the Past: Archaism and Antiquarianism in Chinese Art and Visual Culture. Hung Wu.

Reinventing the Past: Archaism and Antiquarianism in Chinese Art and Visual Culture

Art Media Resources, Inc. 7.5 x 10.5", 384 pp., fully illustrated with b/w figures and line drawings, endnotes after each chapter, index, boards, d.j., Chicago, 2010. Item #37129
ISBN: 9781588861092

Much attention has been given to the importance of emulation of the past in Chinese history. Study and interpretation of the past are now recognized as persistent forces in the shaping of cultural identity in China from ancient times to the modern age.

The present volume is based on two scholarly gatherings organized by the Center of the Art of East Asia, Dept. of Art History, at the University of Chicago to explore this theme in great detail. The conference papers, and now these resulting essays, offer new insights into this phenomenon, its philosophies, technologies, and the individual involved in represening the past in Chinese art and visual culture.


  • Introduction: Patterns of Returning to the Ancients in Chinese Art and Visual Culture by Wu Hung
  • Reviving Ancient Ornament and the Presence of the Past: Examples from Shang and Zhou Bronze Vessels by Jessica Rawson
  • Antiquarianism in Eastern Zhou Bronzes and Its Significance by Lothar von Falkenhausen
  • Imitation and Reference in China's Pictorial Tradition by Martin J. Powers
  • Antiquartianism and Re-envisioning Empire in the Late Northern Wei by Katherine R. Tsiang
  • Reinventing the Past, Inventing a Dynasty: Inspiration of Monuments of the Past and Tang Dynastic Topography by Tonia Eckfeld
  • Replicating Zhou Bells at the Northern Song Court by Patricia Ebrey
  • Cataloguing Antiquity: A Comparative Study of the Kaogu tu and Bogu tu by Yun-Chiahn C. Sena
  • Antiquarian Politics and the Politics of Antiquartianism in Ming Regional Courts by Craig Clunas
  • Between Printing and Rubbing: Chu Jun's Illustrated Catalogues of Ancient Monuments in Eighteenth-Century China by Lillian Lan-Ying Tseng
  • Composite Rubbings in Ninettenth-Century China: The Case of Wu acheng (1835-1902) and His Friends by Qianshen Bai
  • The Qing Imperial Collection, Circa 1905-25: National Humiliation, Heritage Preservation and Exhibition Culture by Cheng-hua Wang
  • Antiquartianism or Primitivism? The Edge of History in the Modern Chinese Imagination by Sarah E. Fraser.

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