【Books from Asia】梵天东土 并蒂莲华:公元400-700年印度和中国雕塑艺术
Across the Silk Road: Gupta Sculptures and Their Chinese Counterparts during 400-700 AD

Beijing: Forbidden City Publishing House, 2016. 10.5 x 13", 7.5 kg,762 pp., color plates, texts in Chinese with English foreword and captions, hardcover. Item #45292
ISBN: 9787513409063

This book is an exhibition catalogue compiled by the Palace Museum in collaboration with National Museum New Delhi. Nine Indian museums and historical monuments, as well as twenty-eight domestic institutions are involved.
To show the history and depth of cultural communication between India and China, the exhibition has made a comparison between the written records by three eminent Chinese monks who visited India for acquisition of knowledge and Buddhist scriptures. Artifacts were selected from regions of India and China to show the artistic communication between the two countries.
This catalogue is exceptionally well printed, with 249 selected items illustrated in color plates and specialized monographs, along with very useful references in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

** “Books from Asia” includes exhibition catalogues of nearly every publisher and museum in Mainland China, as well as many from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
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