Item #45303 快慶:日本人を魅了した仏のかたちThe Buddhist Master Sculptor Kaikei: Timeless Beauty from the Kamakura Period. Nara National Museum.

The Buddhist Master Sculptor Kaikei: Timeless Beauty from the Kamakura Period

Nara: Nara National Museum, 2017. 8.9 x 11.9", 264 pp., 88 select items illustrated in color, some fold outs, some with multiple views, some b/w illustrations, text in Japanese, introduction and list of works in English, paper, Nara, 2017. Item #45303

Kaikei has long been recognized as one of the most representative of Japanese Buddhist sculptors, and he has been understood, together with his colleague the sculptor Unkei, as one of the figures who played a vital role in perfecting Kamakura-style sculpture.
This exhibition assembles approximately 90 works of Kaikei under one roof in an effort to trace the magnificent milestones in the history of Buddhist art in Japan. Moreover, by exhibiting paintings that were closely related to the creation of Kaikei's works together with documents that tell of his connection with high-ranking Buddhist clerics, it approaches a true portrait of the Kaikei whose life is still shrouded in many layers of mystery.

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