Item #45307 当麻寺:極楽浄土へのあこがれYearning for the Pure Land Paradise: The Faith and History of Taimadera Temple. Nara National Museum.

Yearning for the Pure Land Paradise: The Faith and History of Taimadera Temple

Nara: Nara National Museum, 2013. 8.6 x 11", 351 pp., 159 select items illustrated in color, some with multiple views, some b/w illustrations, text in Japanese, foreword and list of works in English, paper, Nara, 2013. Item #45307

Taimadera, a Buddhist temple situated at the eastern foot of the mountain Nijozan, is famed for the Woven Taima Mandara, the temple's principle worship object that depicts the magnificence of the Pure Land paradise, and the legend of Chujo-hime, a young noblewoman of the Nara period whose piety was responsible for the creation of the mandara and who was dus reborn in paradise.
This exhibition, celebrating the 1250th anniversary of the Weaving of the Taima Mandara, is the first Taimadera exhibition where visitors can encounter the Woven Taima Mandara, a National Treasure, along with other temple treasures and related objects in single location and also experience the appeal of the history and profound faith of Taimadera.

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