Item #45316 【Books from Asia】 寛永の雅江戸の宮廷文化と遠州・仁清・探幽Kan’ei Elegance: Edo-Period Court Culture and Enshu, Ninsei, and Tan’yu

【Books from Asia】 寛永の雅江戸の宮廷文化と遠州・仁清・探幽
Kan’ei Elegance: Edo-Period Court Culture and Enshu, Ninsei, and Tan’yu

Suntory Museum of Art, 2018. 8.8 x 11.6", 1.5kg ,267pp., color plates, texts in Japanese with English caption, paper cover. Item #45316

Kan’ei Culture was characterized by chic, elegant forms that can be symbolized by the Japanese term kirei, or lovely. These tastes combined with the classical revival of the day to become the miyabi realm of cultured elegance in the Edo period.

The exhibition catalogue focuses on the court culture that played a role in the miyabi trend in this early pre-modern era, an the aesthetics of a new age that took miyabi as their axis.

145 precious items are divided into five sections: Towards a New Age: The Kan’ei Salon, Classical Revival- Emperor Gomizuno and Imperial Court Culture, three New Aesthetics: Kobori Enshu, Kanamori Sowa and Ninsei and Kano Tan’yu

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