Item #45328 On Chinese Art: Cases and Concepts (Volume 2 Prehistoric to Han). Wu Hung.

On Chinese Art: Cases and Concepts (Volume 2 Prehistoric to Han)

2018. Item #45328
ISBN: 9781588861245

About this Series:

Consisting of three volumes, On Chinese Art features 56 essays (presented as chapters) written by the art historian Wu Hung after he moved to the United States in the 1980s. Selected by the author himself, these essays have been organized in a format that emphasizes both research methodology and case studies. Essays in Volume One share a strong theoretical aspiration to explore key concepts, visual technology, and spatial-temporal aspects in Chinese art. Volume Two focuses on cases and episodes in early Chinese art and visual culture, from prehistoric times to the Han dynasty. Volume Three pursues several key themes in Chinese art and architecture, trans-regional artistic interaction, and pictorial art in various mediums.

Volume II:

This volume contains 20 essays divided into three sections that reflect three broad periods: Neolithic to Qin (ca. 5th millennium BCE to 3rd century BCE), Western Han (206 BCE - 9 CE), and Eastern Han (25 CE - 220 CE).

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