Item #45866 History of Chinese Daoism, Volume 1. David C. Yu.

History of Chinese Daoism, Volume 1

University Press of America, 2000. Hardcover. Item #45866
ISBN: 0761818685

History of Chinese Daoism- Volume I employs a historical-descriptive method to trace the evolution of Chinese Daoism. This study assumes that Daoism as a religion is atavistic in the Chinese soil; it assimilated the myths and legends of ancient China and has continued to do so in its history. The relationship between Daoism and the state is also explored in depth. This study focuses on how Daoism functioned in the popular level of society, as well as in the elite level. In terms of history, this book begins with the founding of Daoism as a religion in the Han Dynasty-second century, C.E. However, the bulk of the book deals with Daoist activities in the period of Political Disunion (371-581) when China was divided between North and South.

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