Item #45889 In Beauty Bright: Poems. Gerald Stern.

In Beauty Bright: Poems

2012. Item #45889
ISBN: 9780393086447

The lyric poems of In Beauty Bright, although marked by the same passion and swiftness as Gerald Stern’s previous work, move into an area of knowledge―even wisdom―that reflects a long life of writing, teaching, and activism. They are poems of grief and anger, but the music is delicate and moving.

from “In Beauty Bright”

In beauty-bright and such it was like Blake’s
lily and though an angel he looked absurd
dragging a lily out of a beauty-bright store
wrapped in tissue with a petal drooping,
nor was it useless―you who know it know
how useful it is―and how he would be dead
in a minute if he were to lose it though
how do you lose a lily?

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