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Buddhist Calligraphy Collection


Institute of Chinese Buddhist Culture. Hardcover. Item #45926
ISBN: 9627571016





Calligraphy is an art based on Chinese characters. In addition to the artistic beauty of its lines and white cloth, it also contains certain ideas inside and outside, reflecting people's aesthetic and spiritual realm, so as to express their inner embrace and ideals. Through the use of pen, ink, paper, and seals, black, white, and red abstract and symbolic works of art are constituted. Through text communication, they can most directly express the philosophy of life. It is the essence of Eastern art and has its own unique educational effect. Place.

Forty years ago, when the Chinese Buddhist Association was founded, it called for Buddhists all over the country to "respect the land and enjoy the love". It is hoped that Buddhists will not only devote themselves to material civilization, but also promote the spiritual quality of the people. The "Buddhist Jiayan Calligraphy Collection" published by the "Chinese Buddhist Culture Publishing Co., Ltd." happened to use the calligraphy of various calligraphers to engage in the business of "the solemn land and the good fortune".

The "Buddhist Calligraphy Collection" compiles 108 good words from Buddhist scriptures, discourses, and quotations that are beneficial to self-cultivation and life. Sixty-one contemporary calligraphers are invited to write them. Among them are elders over 90 years old. Professors and experts with arduous tasks, it is rare that they all happily give orders to express the connotation of Buddhist teachings and philosophy of life through rich and varied calligraphy.

The book is accompanied by concise text to clearly introduce the source of the calligraphers and the good words, so that readers can appreciate the calligraphy and understand the philosophy of self-cultivation and purify the soul. This book won the "Hong Kong Best Printed Book Award" in 1993.

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